Costly mistakes businesses make

We live in a world where most companies focus on the newest technologies but often ignore the basics. There is a rule of thumb company should go by: always make sure to have local and offsite backup. It is very common for companies to make the mistake of using collaborative services (like Dropbox, for example) as a primary backup, which is in fact unsafe. The sad part is it sometimes has to take costly mistakes for companies to wake up.

With so many affordable cloud backup solutions available, and so many malware and ransomware attacks, it should a company primary investment.

Select a backup that is quick, easily, and securely puts your data in the cloud.  It should save your files in multiple data centers. This is an ideal way to ensure that you’ll be able to get your data back in case your hard drive fails, switch computers, or you accidentally delete some of your data. Standard cloud backups should offer:

  • Continuous data protection
  • Access and share files anywhere
  • Military-grade encryption for all backups
  • Backup to tier III and tier IV data centers
  • Store unlimited versions of your files if possible
  • Restore any versions of files backed up.
  • Restore any backed up file, from any point in time.
  • The latest version of your file will always be available.
  • Virtual server recovery or bare metal recovery.

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