The Office 365 Advantage

Email is today’s main platform for communication and collaboration. It’s unquestionable that email plays an enormous role in modern-day business. It’s the simplest way to keep records, streamline internal and external communication, market your business, and keep costs low. It is utilized by everyone within an organization; from the CEO to the receptionist, from wholesaler to supplier, from employee to coworker, and so on.  As technology advances, the email platforms continue to get better and better. Years ago, businesses relied solely on phone communication, fax machines, and paper. Today businesses still make use of hard copy paper printouts, but emails frequently remain as soft copies since retrieving and archiving information is so effortless.

However, email could easily be overwhelming or misused. Here’s just one example of using a very useful tip for solving one of the most commonly mishandled issues regarding emails: we all get an enormous amount of emails so if you have a very important email to send to a very busy person, try sending that email at 7am.  Your email will appear at the top of that person’s email queue. Or you can just schedule the email to be sent at that time.

The main reasons you use emails are to control the communication to a limited group, communicate with people inside and outside of your office environment, and communicate confidentially because you can direct the flow of information to where it is needed. With that being said, Office 365 is the ideal fit for your email needs, and it won’t be easy to find better value for what you are getting anywhere else. Why? For 3 obvious reasons: cost, updates /maintenance, and accessibility. So if you haven’t upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 yet, you should really consider it, as you will instantly notice improvements in all aspects of your daily business procedures.

Microsoft Office 365 provides:

  • Simple synchronization with the tools you already know
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Easily Communicate and Collaborate Inside and Outside Your Organization
  • Straightforward to learn, straightforward to use
  • Email, collaboration, and online meeting solutions
  • Safety and security
  • Advanced IT knowledge is not required
  • 9% financially-backed uptime guarantee
  • Flexibility for your business
  • Professional presentation for your business

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