Parental control made easy

One of the greatest challenges for parents in this day and age is how to protect their children from illicit material and predatory environments on the internet. In the old world, parents felt that their home was the most reliable safe haven for their kids. Just lock the doors at night in order to keep all the bad influences out. Unfortunately, this is no longer always the case.

Technological advancements have granted society unbridled access to information. Some of that is great for a multitude of constructive reasons. But the not-so-great part is the fact that children can go on websites with adult content, download things that contain viruses and malware, and interact with people they don’t even know.

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets by underage youth, protection and security measures have become a necessity for parents worldwide. With OpenDNS free for Home by Cisco, parental controls and home internet security requires little to no effort to install and maintain.

You can benefit from:

  • Faster, more reliable home Internet
  • Built-in fraud and phishing protection
  • Parental controls that protect every device in your home, instantly
  • Customizable filtering and security
  • Pre-configured to block adult content

Parents looking to have more granular control can pay a $19.95-year subscription and get these extra features:

  • Retain the past year of Internet stats on your home network
  • Restrict Internet access to specific white-listed domains for a “locked-down” environment

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