Maximizing Your Productivity through Our Technology Services


The Essential Role of Information Technology Services in Modern Organizations

Proactive Managed IT Services
(outsourced IT)

M6iT is founded on the principle of providing exceptional customer support in technical matters. We are committed to our customers and take a proactive approach in managing and maintaining the IT department for your enterprise. From device management and Support to internal, or external hiring, ultimately M6iT is here to streamline IT, and deliver solutions before they impact your business.

Employee Life Cycle Support Services (Onboard/Offboarding + Support)

At M6 we provide an employee life cycle support service which is a support mechanism provided to employees throughout their time at your organization. These services are designed to ensure that employees have a smooth and successful experience, from the moment they are onboarded with their work device to the time they leave the organization. By providing onboarding, offboarding, and ongoing support to employees, organizations can ensure that they have a productive and engaged workforce.

SAAS Apps & Procurement Management Services

M6 SAAS apps, and procurement management services help organizations find and select the right software solutions for their needs, we negotiate subscription terms and pricing, and manage the purchase and deployment of your SAAS apps. By outsourcing these tasks to M6 you can free up your internal resources to focus on your business.

Network Deployment Services (Low Voltage, WIFI, Office build etc.)

New Office, old office refresh or office move, M6 provide Network deployment services installing and configuring networks in a variety of settings, including wireless (Wi-Fi) networks, low voltage wiring, network switches, Internet continuity and more.  These are essential components to your business, allowing devices to communicate with each other and access the internet.

Compliance and Security Audit Services

M6 provides Compliance and security audit services to help organizations ensure that they are following relevant security regulations, and industry standards.  We offer a range of services, including audits completion (I.e.  help with Cyber security insurance), providing guidance on compliance and security best practices, and assisting with the implementation of compliance and security measures.

CRM & ERP Development Services
(Odoo, Flutter etc.)

M6 has experience working in an array of skilled partners in the field of ERP, CRM, UI/UX design, and Webflow development. The area of expertise varies from implementing or optimizing Odoo ERP systems, as well as designing and building user-friendly websites and interfaces using Webflow.

Whether you're looking to improve your business operations with an ERP system, enhance your customer relationships with a CRM platform, or create a professional-quality website with a strong focus on UI/UX design, our partners can help you achieve your goals  
With their deep knowledge and experience in these areas, M6 and its partners can provide expert guidance, support, and solutions to help your business grow and succeed.

Infrastructure Management Services

If you are an IT director but need extended expertise or simply need it handled externally, M6 IT infrastructure management services maintain and support your hardware, software and network infrastructure for a smooth and efficient operation of your organization, as well as for maintaining the security and integrity of sensitive data.